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About Us

ACT Shipping provides its customers with all the main services from a single source -

a business principle that has proved its worth ever since the company was founded.



ACT Shipping stands for Aconnage Consignation Transit, and the company is involved in all port activities and offers various services related to maritime business and land transportation.


ACT Shipping is a medium sized company with over 35 year experience in all logistical fields in most businesses in Mauritania.

ACT Shipping is a Mauritanian company with Mauritanian shareholders and funds, the company capital is of: 60 000 000 MRO (Sixty million Mauritanian Ouguiya) which is approximately 2 000 000 USD (two million United States Dollars).

The company is one of the few ones that are completely up to date in the matters of local taxes and licenses. As per local legislation licences remain valid until revoked  by the local authorities which we have been dealing with close to forty years. 

ACT Shipping operates in selected shipping segments where close customer interaction and tailor-made solutions can create value added for all parties.

ACT Shipping is a member of most shipping organizations relevant to its field of activities.


In recent years, ACT has continuously upgraded its technology to ensure we remain the leading player in the market.

As a company specializing in land transport on road and rail within Mauritania, our network of regularly scheduled routes connects the principal economic regions in over thirty Mauritanian cities.

To support this we are also highly qualified to provide air and sea freight logistic services on a global scale.

Our experts provide complete tailor-made solutions for the requirements of the local industry today and tomorrow.

International teams of specialists integrate the group's individual service modules to create seamless value added chains that ensure a smooth flow of materials and information - in both the old and the new economies.

Our Mission

Is to constantly improve every aspect of our services to our clients and partners.

Our employees form a service driven team working for the common goal of the group.

Their loyalty, qualifications, competence and training are rewarded and motivated by management, as some of them will one day lead the company.

Management actively supports and guides the company with the latest use of information technology in order to direct the teams and resources to reach the corporate goals.

Our clients will benefit from this as they will recognise and our team for its personal and direct service from all levels of the company, up to the owners themselves.

Image by Brett Jordan
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