ACT SHIPPING is the leading provider of global logistics services in Mauritania

ACT shipping is passionate about ship supplying.
The speed and efficiency of our operations is no coincidence. It is the result of systematic development and experience in more than 35 years of service for the industry, which has enabled us to develop a wealth of know-how, combined with continuous re-orientation to meet the needs of our customers. We provide efficient services for you round the clock, round the globe, from our locations in Nouakchott, and Nouadhibou.

The benefits for you are evident – whenever your need arises, you can draw on the comprehensive range of our supplies and services.
ACT shipping provides the following:
* Vessel crew change
* Dry provisions
* Fresh products
* Meat, fish, fruits and vegetables
* Canteen
* Tobacco
* Catering competence centre
* Water and fuel supply
* Garbage removal

Shipchandler services

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