ACT SHIPPING is the leading provider of global logistics services in Mauritania

Additional services

ACT shipping offers “meet and greet” services for all its clients, and in Mauritania this service is essential in order to provide personnel with guidance on local customs and immigration, safe driving, assistance with luggage and a host of services that may be challenging to the unaccompanied travellers. As for the meet & greet service ACT shipping handle the following:

- Logistics for moving people into and out of the country including airport / port transfers

- Visa requirements

- Hotels reservations and flight tickets bookings including electronic tickets

- Transportation ground, water & air

- Vehicles hire including drivers if requested

- Daily assistance

- Lodging on shore

- Medical facilities and evacuations

- Port facilities

- Catering

- Information on tax & duties

- The importation and customs clearance of all goods and equipment including personal effects and luggage

- Logistics for movement of material and equipment from the arrival point to the offshore.

- Finding and servicing accommodations for both long and short term

- Tour operator and business services

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