ACT SHIPPING is the leading provider of global logistics services in Mauritania


On behalf of all ACT shipping personnel, I would like to thank you for taking time to read through and hope that what you will find herein live up to your expectations.
On behalf of all ACT shipping personnel, I would like to wish you every success in selecting the appropriate service provider you are looking for.
Furthermore, all of ACT shipping family is looking forward to being of service to you.
In Mauritania we live in a world of change and need to do business in this world of change.
ACT shipping management team has now been doing so for close to forty years.
ACT shipping has developed into a leading service provider in the freight forwarding industry and land transportation under my control.
The combination of a strong financial position, vast experience and enviable maritime expertise makes ACT shipping an attractive business partner for both new and existing customers in need of specialized long-term transportation/forwarding solutions in Mauritania.
Today it is our continuous endeavour to remain a major player in our field of project forwarding and specialized transports.
Thus when ACT shipping deals with any operation entrusted to us it is critical that everyone involved in the delivery system understands his or her role and responsibility to ensure the security safety and speed to the end point or consignee.
Recognizing the inter-modal nature of this system, a multi-layered approach to protecting our clients’ interest is essential.
We also believe in your right to know, thus during any operation service, you have full right to learn about progress, timetables, deadlines etc. of a given service.
The global ACT shipping family and I both look forward to being of service to you to achieve this goal.

Abderrahmanne CHOUAIB    President and CEO

We are committed to meeting the expectations of our clients, and shareholders providing advanced technical and managerial skills with the highest levels of professional integrity. The quality of our services is the reason for our collective success. Each of us is committed to contributing to this overall success.

Quality at ACT shipping means satisfying clients on each and every project and mandate we execute. It is the policy of ACT shipping to achieve client satisfaction through the careful management of our work processes, with due attention to value creation through scope, schedule, cost control, and with emphasis on safety and the environment.

Quality is an integral part of every aspect of our business. The head of each department or a functional or support unit is empowered to develop and implement a Quality Management System (QMS) specific to the line of business, based on Corporate Procedures and Systems.
A Quality Plan shall be developed for every project or mandate based on the business unit QMS. The Quality Plan shall address the specific needs of the client, key technical features, execution measures to ensure success and a monitoring plan to deliver results.
Monitoring of Quality Plans shall focus on the application and improvement of work processes and methodology. At the completion of each operation, the lessons learned shall be documented by the operations manager and disseminated within the department.

Each department shall maintain proper documentation and archiving systems ensuring the preservation of objective evidence of compliance with legal, contractual and QMS requirements. At least once in each calendar year, each department shall perform a Management Review of the QMS, evaluating its effectiveness in areas such as compliance with Corporate Quality Policy, procedures, customer satisfaction and continuous improvements.


At the end of each calendar year, the Minutes of Meeting of the Management Review shall be submitted to the Corporate Director of Quality for analysis and presentation to the Office of the President. The heads of departments, shall report to the President and CEO on client feedback and/or any quality issues on projects in their monthly operations report.

This Quality Policy applies to all ACT shipping divisions, business units, geographic offices, subsidiaries, corporate support units and to all joint ventures and consortia of which ACT shipping is the leader.
The heads of departments responsible for Quality Policy shall evaluate the effectiveness of the application of this Policy, and provide an independent assessment, and any recommendations for its improvement, as required, to the President and CEO.

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