ACT SHIPPING is the leading provider of global logistics services in Mauritania


Our mission is to connect regional markets by carrying vital commodities in a safe and dependable manner using the best logistics available.


Our group will be the benchmark for shipping, providing assurance for our customers and restoring shipping as a leading world industry.


•    We strive for team success, while recognizing individual achievement
•    We move fast to deliver on time, without sacrificing health, safety or the environment
•    We communicate openly about issues, while focusing our energy on solutions
•    We care about cost effectiveness, not cost elimination
•    We innovate for the future, while learning from the past
•    We act with integrity, and honor our commitments
•    We listen to our customers; their interests come first

Our employees form a service driven team working for the common goal of the group.
Their loyalty, qualifications, competence and training are rewarded and motivated by management, as some of them will one day lead the company.

Management actively supports and guides the company with the latest use of information technology in order to direct the teams and resources to reach the corporate goals.

Our clients will benefit from this as they will recognize and respect our team for its personal and direct service from all levels of the company, up to the owners themselves.

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